Music Production
I’ve produced albums from concept to completion. Whether you need help with arrangements, instrumentation, stylistic input, or all of it. I enjoy every aspect of production. The producer should be an ambassador for the story, and do whatever needs to be done to create a soundtrack for the artist that engages their listeners.

In this day and age of music, it has become so much easier for artists to capture their creativity anywhere. Much of my work of late has been mixing songs that have been recorded in so many versatile spaces, places, and ways. Even though recording has become easier, the process of mixing has become more and more important. There is so much music out there, and your songs need to stand out in the midst of it all. Mixing has become the majority of my work and I receive so many diverse songs and genres coming my way to mix. My approach to Mixing is simply being the first listener of the song and reaching for the elements that bring it to life.

Like many producers and engineers, I got into this business because I love playing music. I can help in a number of ways as a musician. Just let me know what you need and if I can’t play it personally … I know someone who can.